“You are What you Believe” By- Ali Greenman

I used to think the concept of negative vs positive “self talk” was a bunch of bologna. Like who cares what I think of myself, it’s not going to make a difference. Or whenever I went to do something I was going to fail or succeed because that’s just how it was, and not because of my thoughts going in.
One of my good friends and old coworkers, Arash from Fit Bachelor always used to tell me I had to visualize my success and I’d be successful. He’s the kind of guy that radiates positivity and he used to drive me crazy with his optimism on my bad days at work.
We had a nice conversation yesterday to catch each other up on our business endeavours and I hung up the phone feeling so good about everything that has happened the past couple months for me, and so proud of him for all he’s done and all his plans moving forward! It is so true that you can achieve anything you truly believe!
Gentleman, do yourselves a favor and check out, then bookmark his page…he’s got a lot of good things coming down the pipeline!




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