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    • For those of you who are looking for lasting change, I am now accepting clients for my 1-year Holistic LifeStyle Program! This option is now limited to 1 qualified participant! My Lifestyle Program is completely customized for you! I determine the lifestyle changes that need to occur for you to live a healthy and balanced life. I accomplish this through customized nutrition, workouts, and mental awareness program. Through status-checks and scheduled 1-on-1 weekly sessions. On the day you start, we will sit down together and examine your life in detail. My holistic approach identifies the factors that are causing you to live through pain and suffering. From this information, I tailor your lifestyle program to meet your personal needs. My approach is personal. It’s that simple.

“I am who I choose to be.” – Arash Thompson


FIT Bachelor
FIT Bachelor

How You will Transform

  • I Only Accept Clients Who Are Ready to Commit to 1 Year
  • I Believe in Lasting Change
  • Gain KNOWLEDGE of my favorite Holistic techniques
  • Restore your CONFIDENCE
  • Rebuild your Life
  • No Shortcuts No Bullshit

"I am Who I Choose to Be"

FIT Bachelor