Success Story: SCOTT

Scott came to me and asked me if he could be a Fit Bachelor. He wanted to enroll in my custom workout and nutritional program. Scott lives in NYC. He had recently gone through a break up with his girlfriend of 3 years. He also broke his hand, which left him unable to train. He lost a lot of what he valued in life.  One could argue that he was at an all time low.

When he first asked me, this is what I told him – “NO. Scott, right now you lack discipline. You’re not the person I know anymore. I know that you can achieve some progress without my help. I’ve seen you at your best and I know that you are capable of getting there before I can help you. I don’t feel bad for you one bit that you broke your hand. That happened because you lost your temper. Being a Fit Bachelor means consistency within reason, integrity, and being the best version of you. Make me believe again that you deserve my time. It’s just like any other team sport. Spots are given to  those who rise up to the challenge. I want to work with individuals who engage the power of their mind and use 100% of their Heart.” 3 months passed and Scott reached out to me again. You can either let “no” break you or drive you to become a better human being! I am often hardest on the people I care about the most. It was more than just a plain “no”. It was a call to action. It was a challenge to man up and go through a period of self-reflection! I never doubted his ability, I wanted Scott to remember who he is.  Scott is now part of the Fit Bachelor team. He EARNED It. I now work with him to customize his workouts and nutrition plan. Time for some more off season gains! Do you have what it takes?

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