Success Story: SCOTT

Scott came to us wanting to be a Fit Bachelor. He wanted to enroll in our virtual fitness. Scott lives in NYC. He had recently gone through a break up with his girlfriend of 3 years. He also broke his hand, which left him unable to train. He lost a lot of what he valued in life.  One could argue that he was at an all time low.

When he first asked me, this is what I told him – “NO. Scott, right now you lack discipline. You’re not the person I know anymore. I know that you can make some progress without my help. I’ve seen you at your best and I know that you are capable of getting there before I can help you. I don’t feel bad for you one bit that you broke your hand. That happened because you lost your temper. Being a Fit Bachelor means consistency within reason, integrity, and being the best version of you. Make me believe again that you to try the software. Rise up to the challenge. I want individuals who engage the power of their mind and use 100% of their Heart to use our software.” 3 months passed and Scott reached out to us again. You can either let “no” break you or drive you to become a better human being! I am hardest on the people I care about the most. It was more than just a plain “no”. It was a call to action! It was a challenge to man up and go through a period of self-reflection! I never doubted his ability, I wanted Scott to remember who he is. Scott is now a Fit Bachelor. Do you have what it takes?


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