Introducing Team Fit Bachelor Newest LifeStyle Ambassador George E Chammas :

My name is George E Chammas . I am 27 years old living in East Lansing, Mi. As a teen I was the skinny kid, played sports throughout high school mainly football and ran track. I tried to gain mass and put on size when it was off season for football but putting on weight was the hardest part for me. Now being the skinny kid I was pretty successful with hurdles running three years all conference, two years all area and state qualifier working towards a college scholarship. During my freshman year about half way into the season when things started to matter I tore my groin going over the first hurdle. Once the season was over I got the phone call that the program was cut. After I got that phone call I knew that I had to find a new passion something to work towards something that I will always have goals to set and goals to meet, so I decided to start training or what 98% of people call it these days “working out”. Training was always a big part of my daily routine, if I was stressed out the gym was where you’d find me, if I was having a bad day you’d find me in the gym. For a little over the last two years it has become an obsession. It has become a lifestyle. Becoming a fitness model has been something I have always wanted to do, and each and everyday I wake up I feel like I’m getting close and closer to that dream.

Our Newest Teammate to Join – George E Chammas

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