Ashton Topolinski

Ashton Topolinski – LifeStyle Ambassador’s Team Leader

My name is Ashton Topolinski. I’m a student at Michigan State University aspiring to live a well-balanced and successful life. Since the age of 3, I’ve competed in dance in Canada and have always enjoyed being active on sports teams, in the gym, and in recreational activities.

Living a healthy lifestyle has enriched my life by pushing my mindset and my body. Whether it’d be when I’m sweating my butt off to finish the last set of deadlifts or when I’m cooking my all natural ingredients vegan meal, I’m always improving my health and lifestyle. I value my decision to eat healthy, workout regularly, sleep reasonably, and maintain my mental strength in order to become even greater. It is a skill to subdue temptation and stick to the healthy lifestyle we choose to live, but by committing to our goals; we gain deeper insight to the power we have.

From helping my friends with their nutrition, answering questions, and supplying healthy options to always being a reliable friend one can lean on, acting as a leader is an innate strength of mine. I find that by taking on the role of a leader and taking on responsibility gives me the opportunity to build relationships, execute goals which can lead to an even higher level of success.

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