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Thanks for taking the time to read a little more about me. If you don’t know already, my name is Arash Thompson. I am 28 and live in Boca Raton, Florida. Growing up, I was the scrawny kid who wore glasses. I played soccer competitively, skateboarded, and ran track. I mostly kept to myself. I was also a complete nerd. Later on, my eagerness to fit in during high school got me into trouble. It took me down a path of living an unhealthy lifestyle and was the cause of several bad decisions well into college. My choices caused me to feel tired and lethargic ALL THE TIME! I would get sick a lot and did not feel healthy overall. My well-being was in jeopardy. The added stress from school nearly caused me to DROP OUT! You might read this and ask how I arrived at where I am now.I took a semester off school to clear my head. During this time, I woke up one day and looked in the mirror. I decided that I did not like who I saw. I wanted to live a better life.

Let’s fast forward to November 2012 – I had been training regularly for several years now, but it wasn’t until this time that I knew I wanted to take things to another level. I began to cut out the people and habits in my life that I knew would be a detriment to my well-being. In June 2013 I moved to Florida to begin a new life. Later that fall I entered in my first National Qualifier NPC Men’s Physique competition and placed 4th! Since then, I have won two overall championship titles in the state of Florida (The

Prestige Crystal Cup 2014 & The Florida Grand Prix 2015). I have also placed in the Top 10 at the national level twice, placing 7th at Team Universe 2015 and 8th at the IFBB North American Championships in 2014. I earned a 4th place finish at the Jr. USA Championships in 2015, another National competition. My latest accomplishment was at the 2016 IFBB North American Championships where I placed 5th among a highly competitive field (also a national level show). I am continuously striving to improve my physique and I am that I will do well at my next national showing.

Today- Things weren’t always like they are now. I was out of the gym for 5 months due to a non-lifting injury at the end of 2015. I lacked the motivation to do anything. I lost an incredible amount of muscle mass and gained fat. When I healed up, I imagined what I wanted to look like again. I took pictures to remember where I started from and again at the end of my journey. I was baffled by my results (pictures are in my Media Gallery on this site).

This experience reminded me of a couple of things. You can lose something that you love about yourself in an instant. For me it was my fit lifestyle. That’s why you have to make the most of everyday, cherish life, and the people around you! Secondly, It’s not necessarily about how you start! It’s about how you finish! If you want something bad enough and put in the effort that it requires you will be successful! For me it was to get back to who I know I am. So let me ask you this: What do you imagine your life to be like in the next year? What goals do you have in mind that’d you’d like to accomplish? Is fitness part of that? I want you to have the chance to succeed in you fitness goals. My passion for fitness, helping others, and experience will help me guide you throughout your fitness journey!

Thanks For Reading, – Arash

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